Mailto link generator

Mailto Link Generator

Welcome to Wbify Tools’ Mailto Link Generator – your ultimate tool for creating custom mailto links. Whether you’re a web developer looking to enhance your site’s user experience or a professional seeking to streamline email communication, our tool is designed to meet your needs.

Why Use a Mailto Link Generator?

Mailto links are a convenient way to initiate an email. When clicked, they open a new email in the user’s default email client, with the “to”, “cc”, “bcc”, “subject”, and “body” fields pre-filled. This can save time and ensure accuracy, especially when you need to guide users to send specific information.

How Does It Work?

Using our Mailto Link Generator is a breeze. Simply fill in the fields for the email address, Bcc, Cc, subject, and body. Click ‘Generate’, and our tool will create a custom mailto link based on your input. You can then copy this link and use it in your email communications, website, or anywhere else you need a mailto link.